"It takes a particular and very unique type of person to command the attention of everyone in a room simply with their presence. Charismatic, intelligent and extremely witty; a session with Meg with enable any open mind to learn and grow on both a personal and professional level".

Brooke O'Mara, Team Leader – FLIGHT CENTRE NT

"Meg has been providing personal development training to our team, each quarter, for the last eighteen months. Her energy and enthusiasm has to be seen to be believed! She has deep and detailed knowledge of her subject which she is able to present in an entertaining and practical way."

Melissa Healy, Director – DFK EVERALLS

"VisAustralia is a legal consultancy working with people applying for permanent residence in Australia.  Our professional work is highly determined by legislation and government policy but our sales work is all about 'selling the dream' of moving to Australia.  Meg Salter ran a one day workshop to assist us clarify some fairly basic issues about our sales process.  We doubted she would understand the legal issues (reflecting a certain snobbery on our part as lawyers), however, this was not the case at all.  Her careful analysis of our circumstances was spot on and the workshop allowed us to clarify many aspects of our work that we had not previously considered.  We would recommend Meg and Auridian to any organisation needing assistance in disentangling and defining a sales process."

- Nicholas Houston (BA, LLB), Director - VISAUSTRALIA INTERNATIONAL

"I have seen Meg Salter present a couple of times throughout my career and I remember walking out of the presentations with a belly full of fire and motivated to make a change." 

- Adam Colebrook, Wholesale Consultant - INFINITY HOLIDAYS

"From the very first words that I heard come out of Meg’s mouth - I was enthralled! Extremely motivational and inspiring, every single word that Meg delivered in her trainings I can still remember and implement often.”

- Amber McGregor, Sales Manager - TELECHOICE

“This program exceeded my expectations beyond belief! Confidence in yourself is the biggest asset you have as a trainer, and mine was lifted to a higher level than ever before. I am absolutely on fire and ready to take on anything! My only suggestion for improvement would be that we need to have these sorts of courses more frequently. I loved all the practical exercises, getting out of my comfort zone and really taking the opportunity to analyse myself. The trainer was awesome - brilliant, funny, talented, knowledgeable and dynamic. A role model to aspire to.”

- Trish Murray, Corporate Training Manager NZ – FLIGHT CENTRE LTD

“Excellent presenter who combined both humour with a high level of professionalism. Kept the audience captivated for the full length of the four-hour activity. Succeeded in making the audience not only participate in self-analysis, but scrutinise it, for their day-to-day dealings with people.”

- Hilda Duff, Regional Administration Office – NSW RURAL FIRE BRIGADE

“Meg provides high-quality tailored solutions and value for money. She is passionate about what she does and has an engaging temperament that relates well to audiences of all types. She possesses business acumen, and is able to seamlessly adapt and successfully meet even the most challenging demands.”

- Fay de Saram, Learning & Development Manager A&NZ - UGL LIMITED

“I lead a team of eleven leaders, most of whom are new to running a retail business. Although keen, most of them are struggling to achieve consistent profitable results and find leading their people challenging. 2 months ago we participated in Meg’s 'Turn Your Shop into a Business' and we loved it! The session was high energy and we walked away with practical and simple tools to use day to day. There were a few 'lightbulb' moments and a few people asking "gosh, why didn't we do this sooner?!". Our results over the last two months have improved significantly - a few businesses have even set some new records - and there is no doubt that the session outcomes and follow up have contributed to this.”

- Lin Pih, Area Leader - 99 BIKES

“I was fortunate to participate in a training course hosted by Meg Salter. My management team enjoyed two full-on days of management and leadership focussed learning. During the workshop activities we were able to reflect on our own business and Meg helped us to identify the critical elements that were important for us. I feel that our team has come away with a whole new attitude about our own egos and towards those in the teams we manage. Thanks Meg.”


“I found the session on building relationships enlightening, enjoyable (often very humorous) and greatly beneficial in understanding how each individual has varying needs in obtaining fulfilment. The trainer was a very interactive and dynamic facilitator, who was able to grasp the attention of the audience and deliver the message soundly.”

- Langdon Gould, Zone Business Management Officer – NSW RURAL FIRE BRIGADE

“I thought ‘Effective Communication’ was fantastic. I got a lot out of it that I can apply to different aspects of my life (not just work). Meg is fantastic; very, very funny – in fact the best laugh I have had for a very long time.”

- Juanita Bloomfield, Account Manager - STAGE AND SCREEN

“Meg’s session was full of great ideas presented in a way that kept the room captivated the entire time. I look forward to implementing these with my stores.”

- Jared Tabak, VIC/TAS Business Improvement Manager - FLIGHT CENTRE TRAVEL GROUP LIMITED

“The integrity shines through and she engaged extremely well with our middle management team, sharing with them her intelligence and humour, which created a safe environment where you could start working on the hard stuff… posing questions that often would seem threatening, all of a sudden, seemed appropriate and due to this we were able to make head way with issues that often seem to remain in the “Too Hard Basket.”

- Lois Crook, Retail Business Manager - SEALINK TRAVEL GROUP

"Something that has stayed with me more than any other professional development I have done in the last few years was the workshop you did for us on profiling and working out whether we were eagles, owls, peacocks or doves.  It was an engaging and fun workshop with you and it really helped me understand myself and other better, leading to better work relationships and better sales results."

- David Gawthrop, Mortgage Broker - TIFFEN AND CO

“I was at the course you held at head office yesterday and I thought your course was brilliant. You gave me another aspect at looking at things and how to make them work. I couldn't wait to get to the office to put into place all the things you had discussed with us! I can't wait for our business meeting next Tuesday where I can share some of these brilliant ideas with the rest of the team and watch our sales and commission levels go higher and higher!! Thank you so much for what was for me, one of the most beneficial and fun days in a course that I have had in a very long time! AWESOME!”

- Lorraine Charlecraft, Manager - ESCAPE TRAVEL HIGHPOINT

“I am often at Seminars and Conferences with inspiring and uplifting people. I have meet people like Justin Herald, Li Cunxin and John Lees to name a few. When I was told about the course that I was to attend, I was excited but didn't expect it to be on the same inspiration scale as the larger seminars. BOY WAS I WRONG! Meg - who is your perfect example that genius and insanity run a fine line... was awesome! She was very quick to tune herself to the 20 odd individuals and then proceeded to inspire everyone of us - even though we were all very different personalities! My expectations were definitely exceeded. I found it not only beneficial for working at Flight Centre, but it gave me so much to apply to life in general. Overall, one of the best sessions I have been too!!”

- Peter Toperosa, Travel Consultant - CAMPBELLFIELD PLAZA FLIGHT CENTRE

“I think we have created a great opportunity for the Groups Department that will be the envy of other areas of the business. Meg is a good egg and I am privileged to be able to unleash her on my team.”

Craig James, APT Groups Department Manager - AUSTRALIA PACIFIC TOURING

"I recently ran into Meg Salter after having attended a full day of leadership training and team profiling with her 3 years ago.  Her sessions were so inspiring and memorable that I still to this day remember all of the key take outs, and use them every day in my workplace.  Not only is she spot on with her content and focuses, but her delivery is second to none.  Thanks Meg, for helping me to profile and build each team I have worked in, and also for helping me day to day in becoming a better Leader."

- Malcolm Froneman, Manager - FLIGHT CENTRE EDGECLIFF


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